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We'll be hooking up with our good friends Xraygun for two upcoming shows in New York! We're back at Otto's on Dec 7th and playing Kenny's Castaways for the first time on Jan 25th. The Village Lantern show scheduled for this Thursday has been cancelled due to a renovation project at the bar. They were hoping to make more room for bands but it looks like they're running behind schedule. Hopefully we'll have another date for that place in the near future.


We'll be giving away JLB T-Shirts for the first 10 people who sign up on the JLB Mailing list. We're also reducing the price to $10 to blow these out. We've got plenty of Mediums and some Larges and Xtra-Larges left...


The band continues to write new material... Watch out for some new tunes at upcoming gigs. We've got some band new songs including "Leave it Alone", "Woman" and "Growing Old". 



Thanks to everyone who made it out to Otto's! XRAY Gun was great... the crowd, the whole night... excellent vibe! Big thanks to Sketch for setting up the show, Elise and her crew for support and Bill because he was there!  -T


We've started rehearsals for our next tracking session.  We'll be going back into the studio with the current line up and recording Butterfly, Homegrown and few other new ones!


Like our last session at Monster Labs we'll be recording everything live in the studio!


We're also working on some new gigs including a Big One! We'll keep you posted!


5.12.06 - New Show added at The Webster Theater! Opening for The Bomb Squad, Saturday June 17th. This is Jen Durkin's new band.  You all know Jen from Deep Banana Blackout!


5.8.06 - The band spent another long day in the studio. Check out the Music Page for new mixes of Big Game and Mysterious Girl


Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone who showed up for the Cafe Nine gig! The owner was thrilled with the turn out and we'll be back soon thanks to you! I'm pretty sure he sold a lot of alcohol that night! Pictures here.


Big thanks to Scott Guberman for the killer keys, Terry for filling in on the harp and Jim for bringing his crew!


Cyrus Maden of Deep Banana Blackout will be performing with the band for The Rad's show on June 2nd. Cyrus is another killer keyboard player and he'll be bringing the funk...you won't wanna miss this one!


The band will be selling tickets for The Radiators  show. Tickets are $15 in advance via the band and $20 at the door. Please email info@jonnylawband.com for tickets.


The band will be performing a benefit for Junior's Music on Saturday June 3rd.  The show will be at Morgan High School Auditorium in Clinton, CT.  Proceeds go to our friend Paul Boyne "Junior" who lost his business to a fire. Also performing, CHRISTINE OHLMAN & REBEL MONTEZ & FRIENDS , Steel Rodeo & Rod Washburn


Tickets are $20


Directions.....  I95 to Rt.81(Exit 63 off I-95)


The recording project is coming along. We'll finish mixing our 5 song demo in the next week.  We're already talking about tracking 4-5 new songs this spring or summer. The new material is really coming along... Come to one of the shows and you'll find a good mixture of new originals along with you favorite law tunes! Speaking of shows...we've added a few dates !!!


Thanks again to Elise Thompson, photography and Richard Norris, logo and promo design @ Project Thirteen who helped get the website off the ground!






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