The Jonny Law Band is an original band and writes their own music. You'll find some of our music here. However, if you book the band for a full night you'll get our best originals along with the Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, The Gratetful Dead, Traffic, Neil Young, CSN&Y, The Meters, Humble Pie, Joe Cocker, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, The Faces, Led Zeppelin and more.... We can tailor our set to your venue.


Song Recording


LIVE at Tommy Doyle's


LIVE at Tommy Doyle's

Growing Old

LIVE at Tommy Doyle's


Monster Lab Sessions

Mysterious Girl

Monster Lab Sessions

21 and Hard to Find **

Monster Lab Sessions

Around the Way **

Monster Lab Sessions

Big Game *

Monster Lab Sessions

Cortez the Killer 

(Neil Young)

Recorded LIVE at the Big Uh Oh! in Cheshire CT


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Music by Ray Ramadon & The Jonny Law Band

Lyrics by Ted Thompson (accept where noted)

Leave it Alone Live on YouTube...

Butterfly Live on YouTube...


The JLB Performing "Wiser Time", The Black Crowes

Lyrics Ray Ramadon*

Lyrics by Rod Washburn**






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