Ray's guitars, amps & effects...

04 59 Historic Les Paul! Black burst!

59 Historic Les Paul


Kendrick Modified Fender Bassman


Ever changing! Today.....

Teece Wizard wah, Klon,  Planet Waves tuner,  Menatone Blue Collar


Ted's guitars, amps & effects...

06 54 Tele Relic (white guard)

05 52 Tele Relic (Keef)

04 51 Nocaster Relic

Froggy Bottom D


Carr Slant 6V

Victoria 20112

Headstrong Prima 30


Boss TU2, Analogman Sun Face , King of Tone and AM modded Maxon AD9, Keeley Blues Driver BD-2, Zvex BOR, Fulltone Supra Trem



Brian's keyboard gear...

Nord Electro 2

Yamaha Motif 6

Kurzweil SP88X

Ampeg B200R Amp 15" w/horn

Hammond M3 "Oprah"


Mike's bass rig...

Mike has some smoking Alembic basses more to come.....


Dave's drums...

Ludwig drums

Zildjian cymbals


Aaron's percussion gear...

Latin Percussion (LP) Congas

Tambourine man...








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